Why is my rabbit shedding? | Rabbit Moulting

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why is my rabbit shedding their fur and is this  normal the quick answer is yes this is completely  

normal similar to dogs you are going to find  that your rabbits will shed their fur multiple  

times throughout their lifespan and this is  called molding we're going to jump into the  

exact definition of molting and a little bit of  details around rabbit shedding and what you can do  

to help your rabbit during this time i'm Danielle  of this littoral farm where we bring new content  

every Wednesday and Sunday so that you can  learn about homesteading and farming but without  

further ado let's talk a little bit more about  molting throughout the lifespan of your rabbit  

you're going to notice that they're always kind of  shedding a little bit of fur throughout their life  

but there are going to be larger molter seasons or  times throughout their life where they're going to  

have a larger amount of molting that does happen  and these are going to be one when the rabbit  

is molting is a baby coat so this is going to be  around at their four to five month year old stage  

and they're going to be shedding off all of their  baby fur and they're going to be growing in a nice  

larger adult fur so this is going to be  a relatively larger mulch and then you're  

going to notice that throughout the year there  are going to be two large molds so you're going  

to have basically at the end of summer they're  going to do this probably um in the late summer  

early fall so right now we're in fall so we're  going to be seeing one of our rabbits actual  

summer mulch but you're going to notice that at  this time period they're going to have a blowout  

of fur and they're going to have a much larger  amount of shedding and then this is again going  

to happen at the end of winter where they are  going to have a large blowout of fur again where  

they are basically getting rid of their winter  fur and they are preparing for summer so they're  

gonna get in that nicer coat now it's interesting  because you are going to find that this happens in  

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