125: Three EASY Ways to Transform The Texture of your Homemade Loaf - Bake with Jack

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hey I'm a Jesus Jack hipbaker Jack no

code Oh UK bringing you your weekly

bread making tip every single Thursday

and this week here's three very easy

ways to transform the texture of your

homemade loaf roll that thing - hello

there welcome back to the bakery jack

youtube channel where i share with you a

little bit my bread making expertise

every single Thursday to help you make

amazing bread at home if you get some

value out of this video and you like

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subscribe before you go now a lot of

people get in touch with me because

they're not entirely a hundred percent

satisfied with the texture of their

homemade loaf of bread like sometimes

it's too firm or too crumbly or too

moist inside perhaps too much bounce or

maybe not enough bounce for your taste