Why does it take days to feel sore after exercise?

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well if you've kept to your new year's

resolution your gym membership is still

intact that's the good news perhaps you

feel better or perhaps your muscles are

so sore you can barely move it is

possible that the worst soreness can

actually come a couple of days after you

start exercising why our why guy half

the answer time to shape up or ship out

maybe it's been a while so you expect to

be sore after a day of vigorous exercise

you heard some the day after and then it

hits you two days after the gym you're

hobbling around the house wondering why

it took so long for the worst pain it's

called delayed onset muscle soreness it

can happen to anyone

working muscles they aren't accustomed

to working like when I take a Zumba

class even and I'm moving my hips in a

certain way that I haven't moved I'm so

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