How to bring down high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia)

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I'm going to talk us through what to do

to bring down higher blood sugar levels

the classic signs of high blood sugar

levels are feeling very thirsty needing

to go to the toilet urinate a lot and

feeling tired lethargic and possibly

irritable as well the symptoms of high

blood glucose levels can be similar to

low blood glucose levels so if you all

meditation that can cause you to go hypo

it's a good idea to check your blood

sugar levels before you attempt to bring

them down this is particularly important

if you're taking in too in if you all

know flexible insulin regime and control

your own doses you can use insulin to

bring your blood sugar levels down be

wary of any insulin that's already in

your body and don't be tempted to

overcorrect walking is a good way of

bringing your blood glucose levels down