Why Bettas make BUBBLE NESTS? Does a bubble nest mean my betta is happy?

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petas and bubbles two things that go

hand in hand and are one of the

features that make betta fish so unique

and fascinating to keep their bubble

nesting behaviors are so interesting and

so fun to observe and sometimes weird

mysterious things can happen like you're

female making her very own bubble nest

which while it is rare does definitely

happen so today we're gonna dive into

everything that has to do with battles

and bubbles why they make them does that

mean that your beta is happy and the

whole shebang

hello and welcome back to creative pet

keeping my name is kasia i am your host

i'm a small scale fish keeper and a

better breeder today we are going to

focus on bubble nest which is such a

cool cool spawning behavior i'll answer

some of the more common questions and