10 ways to tell if a betta fish is dying - Betta fish informational video

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ten ways to tell if a betta fish is

dying betta fish lived for two to seven

years if your betta is dying from simple

old age you will be able to see warning

signs for months in advance

one lethargy lethargy is normally the

first sign that something is wrong with

your betta it could be an issue with

ammonia nitrite nitrate temperature

illness or old age if your betta is

acting lazier than normal this doesn't

point to one issue you won't be able to

give your betta diagnosis without more

symptoms - fading color if your betta is

suddenly losing color there is a good

chance that your betta is seriously ill

on the other hand if it is a slight

dulling your betta could be old 3

punched back old bed is tend to develop

a slight or significant punch in their