What's Inside Your Belly Button?

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Near the turn of this century,

scientist Georg Steinhauser had a problem.

He was fascinated by the question:

Why do some belly buttons collect more lint than others?

But no one knew the answer.

So for three years

he collected his own belly-button lint to find out.

And after interviewing friends

and analyzing 503 of his own samples,

Steinhauser discovered the culprit: stomach hair.

It scratches off tiny T-shirt fibers

and directs them towards the belly button.

So that might be one mystery solved,

but lint isn't the only thing

inside these bizarre human crevices.

Your belly button is a scar, your very first one.

It forms when a doctor snips your umbilical cord,

and, depending on how it heals,

you could have an outie or, more likely, an innie.

And innies are ripe for colonization,

not only by lint, hair, and dead skin cells,