Why Does My Belly Button Smell? How To Clean Navel? Clean Umbilicus-Dr. Rasya Dixit| Doctors' Circle

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hi I'm dr. Rossi eviction I'm a

dermatologist practicing in Bangalore

from the last 15 years the belly button

is basically the umbilicus we call it is

umbilicus it is a reservoir of dead

cells so you can imagine that we wash

our body with soap water on a regular

basis but in the bellybutton there is no

sloughing of the skin which is happening

the dead skin is accumulating in these

hidden nooks and crevices so there is a

growth of the anaerobic bacteria over

here so that is why when it is not

cleaned very regularly the umbilicus

tends to smell so some of us have

cleanable akiza's which have not got too

many nooks or crevices it is like a year

everybody is unique isn't it so you

might not have the same curvatures in

your Millikan's that another person has