Basement Humidity: What's Normal?

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every basement is gonna have a humidity

level and safe humidity levels range

from like 30% up to 50% in a basement

once you get up to that 50% marker

there's enough moisture in the air to

allow some of the common indoor

allergens to start to survive and thrive

the most prevalent would be the dust

mite dust mite ingest moisture out of

the air and one of the most common

indoor allergens is fecal matter from

dust mites now once you start getting

over 55 percent that's when certain

types of mold can grow and at 60 percent

relative humidity then you've got

conditions for black mold and black mold

is very very dangerous

definitely a health concern for many

homeowners if you walk downstairs in the

spring or the summer some of them the

more humid months and you can and you

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