Neuropathic Pain that cause burning, numbness, tingling, and in patients.

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- Hi, I'm Dr. Arash Bidgol.

I'm a Physical Medicine and Rehab Specialist,

with some specialty training in pain management.

There are lots of things that can cause

burning, numbness, tingling, pain in patients.

This is what we call neuropathic pain.

What we have here that we can perform

at Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas

are what are called electrodiagnostic studies.

These include EMG and NCB studies.

EMG stands for electromyography,

and nerve conduction velocity testing.

The test is designed to see if

there is any nerve entrapment or nerve damage

that is a source of your pain.

The test can be slightly uncomfortable.

The test involves using a gadget

that delivers a small electrical impulse,

at which time we're able to measure

the speed and size of the nerve function.