How to Get Rid of Chest and Back Acne

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Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Hartmann, a board-certified  dermatologist with U.S. Dermatology Partners,  

and today I want to talk to  you about chest and back acne. 

Acne and chest and back acne are predominantly due  to genetic factors and I think it's important for  

people to understand this because commonly I’ll  have a patient who comes into the office with acne  

and feels that the acne is their fault because  they're not cleaning the area enough or I’ll  

have a parent who brings in their child and thinks  the acne is due to the child not washing the area  

or because their hair is going over the area  causing the acne and this is rarely the case and  

unfortunately this can lead to a  delay in diagnosis and treatment  

and when treatment is delayed this can  result in scarring which is permanent. 

Chest and back acne is treated  similar to other forms of acne,  

however, sometimes chest and back acne tends to  be a little bit more stubborn and not respond to  

treatment and it's also sometimes more difficult  to treat simply because of where it's located.  

It’s hard to apply topical agents to these areas. How we treat acne is normally determined by the  

severity of acne, if the acne is mild often  times we'll start with topical treatments  

such as a cleanser or a topical  antibiotic or a topical retinoid. 

When the acne is more moderate then we'll normally  need to use an oral agent or something by mouth.  

Typically we'll use antibiotics by mouth  and in female patients, we can consider  

either an oral contraceptive pill or a  hormone-blocking agent when it's appropriate.  

If the acne is more severe or in patients who  don't respond to less aggressive treatments  

Accutane is normally a very effective treatment in  these patients. If you or someone who's suffering  

with chest or back acne please reach out to  one of our U.S. Dermatology Partners locations.