The Science Behind Why “Bacne” Happens to Good People - Sharp Science

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the worst thing about bacne is not being

able to pick at it effectively packing

is one of the things that drives

everyone crazy whether you're male or

female and I've suffered from

embarrassing back acne for years they

don't really know why some people get

more bacne than other people they do

have theories that some people are born

with larger oil glands and also more oil

glands implicating a more genetic

component of course you're huge

the worst thing about having bacne is

having bacne there's no like one thing

is worse than the other it's just it's

all bad during the teenage years back

knees usually do more to hormones our

hormones kind of drive our oil glands

and with more oil production than acne

can kind of act up i got bacne when I

was like in late teens early 20s bacne

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