My baby sweats a lot when sleeping, but doesn't have a fever. Why? What should I do?

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you mentioned that your seven month old

son seems to be sweating a lot when he

sleeps and it could just be that he has

too many layers on him so try removing a

few whether this fee is actual jammies

or blankets that you're putting on him

just know that babies want about as many

layers as we would want so we just have

on a light pair of pajamas and a sheet

and a blanket then that's all they need

they mean maybe a onesie and a sleeper

and a light cotton blanket if taking

extra layers off your baby does it does

it make a difference watch your baby's

breathing pattern if it's really fast or

your baby's having difficulty breathing

or they develop a fever in spite of all

the layers being removed they are still

really hot if he's excessively fussy if

he's not eating well or if he's having

less than six men typers a day make sure

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