Learn to Spot the Warning Signs of SMA – Squirming? (Video 7)

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learn to spot the warning signs no

squirming this little one is very still

showing no signs of moving about or

squirming compare her to her twin

brother how minimally she moves where he

kicks reaches grabs and brings his hands

to his mouth you may also see how babies

with SMA wiggle their fingers and toes

yet their trunk doesn't move there's

little to no movement from these babies

head shoulders knees hips or waist does

your baby wiggle or swing her arms from

her elbows with her arms otherwise

anchored is your baby squirmy does she

wiggle about kicking and reaching will

remain mostly still at her core motor

delays are missed milestones may be a

sign of serious condition like SMA early

action and early treatment are key to

ensure the best possible outcomes and

chances for survival because there's new