Clingy Babies - What Every Parent Needs to Know (Including How to Stop The Tears)

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- If your baby was previously really happy,

but he's now starting to scream

as soon as you leave the room

and won't calm down until you come back,

then this is definitely a video that you need to watch.

In this video, I'm going to cover

why your baby has started screaming

and what you can do to get through this challenging time.

But before we discover why your little one's screaming,

make sure you check out that free PDF document

in the description box below,

which covers the developmental milestones

you can be expecting your little one

in their first year of life.

Just to give you an invaluable piece of mind,

as you'll know when to be expecting skills

and when to be concerned.

Believe it or not your baby's screaming

when you leave the room is actually a good sign.

So it tells us that your baby has now developed

an understanding of object permanence.

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