Apple Magic Mouse 2 not working easy fix save money not connecting to Mac fully charged wireless fix

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hello youtube I just wanted to make a

video quick tutorial if you will and let

you know that I was having problems with

my Magic Mouse too it's an apple product

I usually love everything Apple and my

iPad to my computer to my phone that I'm

recording this on so here's what

happened I was unable to use my mouse

and I called customer service and I was

like what's up with this I don't know

what's going on all of a sudden had

stopped working and the customer service

lady told me to go through all these

steps you know turn it off turn it back


hello I did that already but uh you know

humor you and do it again turn your

computer on and off okay I did that

reboot it in recovery mode okay let's

try that all of these things I was

trying they were not working and finally

Unable to open file!