Is your Apple ID disabled or locked? How to fix

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getting locked out of your Apple ID is

the worst and it really is a big deal

because you can't access downloading

apps from the App Store you can't get

your iCloud I'm a male if you use that

for email now what most commonly happens

is people forget their password and so I

wanted to make a quick video just to go

over some things you can do to recover

that password so that you can get access

to your Apple ID so let's dive in now

first just a quick warning something not

to do if you go in and you don't know

your Apple ID password and you just

start typing in and guessing you're

gonna get locked out of your account

after about three to five tries and

Apple generally keeps those locked down

for a few hours all the way up to about

24 hours and so you can end up in a

situation where you're just gonna have

Unable to open file!