Apps installing themselves on my Android phone solved

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all right so I had this problem where I

have a blue phone be Lu and I had this

problem soon after I got it and about

every week sometimes three times back to

back to back apps would install

themselves that aren't even apps that

are in the Play Store they would use a

bunch of data different things like that

and as a matter of fact there was also a

correlation with Google Drive I would

open Google Drive and I would open a

document try to edit it and boom it

would close down every single time I

would try to edit a document I couldn't

be on it for more than a second couldn't

even type a letter boom it would closed

down happened to find out that by a

Google search that there was an app

responsible for this and I didn't really

put two and two together at the time but

when that Google Drive document would

Unable to open file!