How to Increase the Sound Volume of Alarm on iPhone! [Alarm Louder on iOS 15]

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how's it going everybody welcome back to

the channel here in today's video we're

going to talk about the alarm sounds

issues on the rifle now a lot of people

are saying especially when they're

setting up their alarm their allen sound

is really low therefore they want to

know how they can increase their alarm

sound on their iphone 13 pro max and

your iphone 13 mini with ios 15.

now if you solve the problem the very

first things we want you to go is your

settings open up your settings and then

scroll down to your sounds and haptics

and in there you'll be able to find out

this option called ringer and alert okay

so if you see your sound is high from

here however your sound is low from here

then what's going to happen to you your

alum sound is going to be very low then

turn all the way to high

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