iPhone Alarm Not Working & HOW TO FIX!! 🔥🔈

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hey what's going on everyone in this

quick video I'm going to show you how

you can fix the issue of the alarm clock

that isn't working on your iPhone device

so the very first thing that I recommend

you to do and this is by far one of the

most obvious fixes and this is to go

ahead on the side of the phone and just

make sure that your iPhone isn't on

silent and if it is this may be causing

you to have the no sound issue on the

alarm clock however this shouldn't be

the case but I know for some I phone

users this has funnily enough caused a

glitch so if this is on silence you just

want to toggle this up on loud mode and

the next thing you want to do is just go

ahead and ensure that your ringer is

also turned up as well so another really

awesome fix that you can try is to

actually go ahead and adjust the alert

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