8 Reasons Why Your AC is Freezing Up

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hey guys J here with word of advice TV

in my comment sections on a lot of my AC

videos I get a lot of questions asking

me hey my a/c is freezing up outside or

inside do you have any idea what could

be causing that and fortunately yes I do

have an idea of what could be causing

that in fact there's 8 reasons that I

can think of of what can cause your

air-conditioner to freeze up and believe

it or not but one of the most common

reasons of why your AC is freezing up is

a very dirty furnace filter and if while

you're watching this you're thinking to

yourself crap I don't remember the last

time I replace my filter chances are

that is your problem

also if you're doing any kind of

construction sheetrock any wood cutting

or even painting when you're sanding the

walls that fine dust will get sucked in