AC Line Freezing Up? Here is WHY!

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today's video will be working on this


obviously you can see here that the line

is frozen solid

see the systems running right now so we

want to do is we want to allow this to

fall out so we're gonna go ahead and

pull our disconnect and allow this line

to fall out while we troubleshoot for

the problem the thermostat is set to

cool and oil I do have more voltage

because my condenser was running you see

here this is the evap the evap were

frozen as well so right now we're gonna

pull our panel or to inspect the filter

first day I noticed when I came here is

the blower motor was not running the

first day I want to check whenever I'm

working on my system if I suspect an

issue with the blower motor right here

is gonna be my fan relay and if you just

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