Air Conditioner Noisy and Loud

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hey guys jay here with word of advice tv

in many of my videos i've been seeing

comments about noisy air conditioners

and people have been asking what can

cause all those different noises on air

conditioners so i sat down and started

making a list and it's actually quite a

few things in fact the list that i made

i'm sure it's not extensive it doesn't

cover everything but i came up with 14

things that can cause an air conditioner

to be noisy it's a pretty big list so

let's just jump right in in no

particular order reason number one is a

fan motor that is going bad so if the

bearings inside of a fan motor are

starting to go bad oftentimes it's going

to start squealing super loud there's

going to be a grinding noise kind of

like a metal on metal sound it sounds

really bad so whenever the air

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