AC is On, But It's Still HOT! Diagnosing Air Conditioning in Your Car or Truck!

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Is your AC not working like mine?

Well, in this video we're going to go over some of the components that you need to check


Your air conditioning system is a sealed system with refrigerant in it and, for the most part,

you need a special tool to work on it, such as a recovery, recycle, recharge machine.

But there's some preliminary checks that you can do that could fix your AC that you don't

need special tools for.

Let's start from the front of the vehicle and work our way back.

In the front, behind the grille on most vehicles, you're gonna have your condenser.

It almost looks like a radiator, and most of the time it's right in front of the radiator.

And you need these cooling fans to be nice and clean.

You don't wanna see any debris on here.

If you see leaves in front of it, it's not gonna get some good airflow and that's gonna

cause the system to not work properly.

How the condenser actually works is compressed refrigerant comes into the condenser, the

air cools it off, and then the cooler refrigerant leaves the condenser.

So if you see anything in front of it such as leaves, or debris, or mud, or dirt, or

anything, you're gonna need to clean that off.

You can even take a garden hose and just clean it all off.

Sticking with the fact that we need airflow going through the condenser, you need to make

sure your cooling fans are working.