Abs light on after new wheel bearing

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hey folks this is Ju ID that's junkyard

dog let me tell you I work on a lot of

vehicles for people we got this f-350

XLT Super Duty guy says you want some

front wheel bearings in it I checked it

out they were sloppy but brand-new wheel

bearings in it my son and I get this job

done and all of a sudden the ABS lights

on I scan it

I have front left and front right both

codes for both speed sensors I thought

how can that be they're brand new

well before we torque back apart to do

some Diagnostics we thought well let's

just plug in the old one so we grabbed

the old one we plugged it into the

driver's side wheel cleared the codes

all of a sudden the code came back for

the passenger side but not the driver's

side so we thought hey maybe there's a

problem with the wiring well to do the

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