How to Get My Baby to Eat (8 months Starting Solids)

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hi there this is Thalia the dietitian

and today I'm answering one of your

questions I'm gonna read you the

question and then I'm gonna answer it so

the question I received from this parent

was how do I get my 8 month old to put

food in his mouth and eat it all righty

so first thing to note here is the

child's age we want to be introducing

solids around 6 months that's the

current world

well World Health Organization's

recommendation that's a mouthful is

starting around 6 months the major sign

of readiness here is that your child is

able to sit up unassisted even if it's

only for a few seconds but they're able

to sit up unsupported and if that's not

happening by 6 and a half months you

might want to talk to your pediatrician

about that but I do not recommend